About Us

Stoneshield is a distressed & opportunistic long-term investment group that focusses on supply constrained thematic sectors.

Our platforms have best-in-class management teams that follow the Stoneshield DNA. Stoneshield has the drive to create community conscious companies, create employment and serve our customers with dedication and care.

We operate in a number of industries including Student Housing, Industrial Outdoor Storage, Digital Asset Infrastructure, Life Science Ecosystems, Finance Platforms or Living Platforms amongst others. For this purpose, we count with the support of Institutional investors from North America, EMEA and Asia.


Our DNA is based on

> A disciplined, bottom-up forensic underwriting with prudent use of leverage.

> A focus on supply-constrained and recession-resistant sectors and driving value by capitalizing on technological disruptions.

> Expert execution in taking assets from distressed situations and transforming them into institutional / core-like products.

“We are focused on investing in non-traditional real assets. We use our extensive network and unique strategic partnerships to create outstanding value in supply-demand imbalanced sectors”.

ESG Approach

We have embedded our core ESG principles in all activities directly undertaken across the Firm

We believe that ESG can have a material impact on long-term investment outcomes. Our goal is to achieve the best possible risk-adjusted returns for our
clients, taking into account all factors that influence investment performance.

With the best talent and network around the world, Stoneshield
uses a thematic investment strategy and distinctive value creation
approach to future-proof companies, creating superior returns to
our investors and making a positive impact with everything we do.

With an integrated approach to ESG

ESG is an important consideration in our investment and asset management processes.

We have a dedicated ESG team that enables us to prudently respond to the growing range of environmental and social issues and assists with the transition to a net zero carbon portfolio.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible risk adjusted returns for our partners, taking into account all factors that influence investment performance.